Grace S. Rivera – Real Estate Agent East Sacramento CA

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Why work with Grace? What does she have to offer and what makes her completely different from other real estate agents in your area?

You have a huge and very important choice to make! An opportunity to work with a real estate representative who you can simply talk to, and will not make things even more complicated because whether you are buying or selling a home in California things can get very ugly in a moment’s time.

Client’s Wants & Needs Identified

  • Keep clients informed with updates
  • Be compliant & Meet deadlines
  • Find construction flaws that an untrained eye can’t see
  • Clients want to be abreast with Current listings
  • Wants their RE agent to Communicate with their loan officer and other real estate agents involved with their transaction
  • Have a Tech Savvy agent to make the process EASY on and off line
  • Reminds and keeps clients on task

Grace has studied her clients for that moment you contact her. All of your questions, concerns, and worries will be answered in the most efficient, honest and ethical way leaving you with nothing to fear, but with only one goal in mind; and that is to find the Best Deal on the biggest transaction of your life.

Benefits and Features Working with Grace – Real Estate Agent East Sacramento CA

  1. Grace is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent for the state of California
  2. Has years of management experience with top HMO, customer service, and finance background
  3. Goes above and beyond to Help & Educate her clients about California’s real estate market
  4. Possess Very Strong analytical skills especially with numbers
  5. Will Negotiate the BEST price for the value of your home
  6. Understands the Law, Taxes and how it is going to affect you
  7. Provides Exceptional service only for the Best Interest of her clients
  8. Offers complete Step-by-Step assistance from herself and friendly staff

Next Step…

Why not contact Grace and arrange a meeting where she can personally explain what she offers and then “brainstorm” with you about the best way to sell or buy a home. There is no obligation, of course, and certainly no pressure, but together, we just may figure out the perfect situation for you & your family.

Real Estate Agent East Sacramento CA

WARNING: If you’re looking for a well-known, big time real estate agent that drives a luxury car with a blue-tooth stuck to his/her ear, owns or works for a large firm, and bears fancy credentials after his or her name, Grace is NOT for you! But if you want a simple down to earth person, “one-on-one” service, an intelligent & patient person, and very easy to talk than Grace is a Perfect Real Estate Agent for you!

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Grace S. Rivera – Real Estate Agent
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